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Project by Ludmila Kuhta

Why will we establish the Information Centre?

Purpose of the project-providing accessibility of information for struggle against the depression - society’s declining. For the action, we need know the aims, to reach. The aim is selected only such which gives any profit, but ways by it can be effective or not, legal or criminal. After the aim is selected we can start our actions. The action can be rational or not. The rational action let active the aim in an optimal time, in proper environment, in needed quality and needed quantity. The action can be optimized by - the choice of agent - drawing in needed resources - providing the successful moving of an action - providing the flexibility of an action - reaching the aim the form is needed to be able to feel the achievements During your acting time and way will never be all the needed specialists. The situation changes and we must be able to adapted to it: * The needed specialist is very busy and I can do nothing. So, the information is needed about all of it. * I do not know what kind of specialist I need – there must be possibility to get the information and exchange it. * Choosen clever person always needs new knowledge, needs to improve his competence. We must know the the information how we can do it. * Working person always has a tendency to gratification. We must get the information what kind of gratification is expected and possible. * We must provide the microclimate of the actions’ area. There must be information about it. * There must the specialists providing with the working equipment. There must be information about it. So looking at the aim strategical – the society’s ascending the starting is the accessibility of information. It causes the getting, processing, exchanging, moving, payment, educating possibilities. Economical, political and informative authorities exist. It is the power influencing the progress of society. Let us take socially depressed person’s reintegration strategy. Where can I take part as an individual person? Without material evidences we know the person can give the influence to the authorities, economically and politically. The person can get some profits. Where is the declining of the society? Is not. What does the society get from it? – Only the profit. Let us take socially depressed person’s tactics. Someone is downwards: he did not and does not see the way. He needs somebody would do it. Who can? Nobody knows of the lack of information. The information exists in the world, but it is not possible to reach it. I do not watch TV, do not read newspapers, do not listen to the radio, lost my friends, acquaintances to tell it all. It is because of my poverty. Suddenly if the information catches me I could not understand it. What can I do? 1 MODEL I will finish my existence in any way. It is the way to the self- annihilation. Society has no profits, only losses. 2 MODEL I will continue in any way. It is the way to the parasitism. Society supports. 3 MODEL I will try to improve quickly my situation in any way. It is the way to the crime. There is accepted negative information as the guide of the actions. Society losses struggling against the crime and looses for rehabilitation the suffered person. 4 MODEL It does not matter what happened. Indifference –the way to the nowhere. Society supports. 5 MODEL It was very intoxicated, I will do it again. Dependence from intoxicated matters. Society has more trouble. 6 MODEL Sick person, small child, old person, unemployed can solve his problems. Must give them the help. Society satisfy can do it. 7 MODEL I had accessible information I know what to do. The way to the rational action. Society recovers active individual. 8 MODEL I had delayed information I have the choice which way to use. Society can get back with extra means. 9 MODEL I had delayed, false, unsuitable information. It made my angry. Society looses, it creates incredulity, but it is possible to get it back. 10 MODEL Someone, wealthy person, suffers from the social depression. Maybe I will go away. Society looses. Changing word “society” with the word “ state”. Which model can bring the profit for the state? –8. Which model gives the satisfaction from the work has done? –6 Which model reintegrates the person for the state ideally? –7. Which model can bring the less expenses for the state? What was done? The information is given in time, accessibly and is true. At first the information was not in time and accessible. What to do? Where is the role of the society’s (state’s)? It is profitable for the state to get back the person spending minimal means? Giving affirmative answer to these questions, I can not ask someone to do something. I do and I will act with all my strength to make information being in time, true, honest, professional, accessible. To work with donors and recipients is my hoped task for the Information Centre. Activities of the project. - Organizing the centre of information and it’s collecting with the constant working group in the district - Supporting the free-of-charge phone line 800... - Giving possibilities to use computers - Organize connecting up to Internet - Getting information about co-operation possibilities - Questionnairing by telephone about the needs who are subjected to the social depression - Giving information to recipients in more ways - Working group training - Using getting information for the activities to solve the problems (possibility to earn, education, entertainment, organizing the groups of self-assistance, active co-operation to the state’s and public institutions, etc.) - Analyzing these problems in Saldus district municipalities - By the problem researching time there will be found solving variants - Active solving the public stress in opposite to passive solving in nowadays. All are understanding that accessibility of information creates the threat to possibilities for corruption. Of this reason one part of society has no interest to promote the progress understanding the information’s an expensive good and it is possible to use it time as the market goods. Delayed information is a kind of publicity. Missrepresentated information is used for self-loving aims. The giving person is deceived by the sources of information. One chief can be received by the information getted from one source only. One great chief using unbelievable, delayed information can make strategic mistake with unpredictable results. The area of information is multifaced. The information instruments in the criminal sphere is so refined and operational and of this reason crimes are faster then the struggle against them. Market competition in business is competition about the information. The possibility of society to get and disseminate the information is the expression of democracy. Getting and giving information are elementary needs for every live being. Information has no borders (except military, state’s, person’s, business securities). Information has a value in a moment when it is accessible, in time true. In such a way I see the importance of my project on a world scale.

Ludmila Kuhta

Ludmila Kuhta