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English for us



European Union

When on May 4, 1990 Latvia again declared its independence and in August of 1991 regained its sovereign status, one of the most important assigments was changing the educational system.
The principial goal of education is to provide conditions for the development and perfection of one's spiritual, creative, physical and professional abilities. The right to aquuire an education in the official State language is garanteed by the Language Law.
The State's movement to the European Union demands learning English. People are interesting in it, but most of them have very low social living level. They have no possibilities to study, they have no financial resourses to pay for their teaching. Especially it applies to invalids and to people with special needs.
Invalids' Society could find the teacher, could organize different courses for them.

Elfa Pumpure

SIS thanks Elfa.

Paldies, Elfa!