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My Friend Al




               Tacky-Car-Dear? By Al:


Its running fast it cannot last its got me in a spin.

I think I'm in control you know but its looking rather grim.

When I switch off it does not cough its temperament is high.

I never know what makes it go in faith I must rely.


I have a way of cooling down to switch off so they say.

I try to use less water each and every day.

I never let it over heat I must not let it boil.

I have a way of cooling down I use a little oil.


The seasons round I now have found its getting hard to run.

The winter seems the worse to me it is no longer fun.

I used to feel the wind pass by as I flew pass the air.

But now I'm hardly moving I do feel in despair.


They say I'm looking older my shine is sort of dull.

I dress in all the latest kit but I've lost the power to pull.

Each day that dawns I start again each day is something new.

But by midday I have to say my stamina's all through.


The other day I couldn't go out the wind was rather strong.

It always hits me in the front and takes my breath away.

It helps to lean into the wind and hope it wont be long.

But I have found I turn around and try another way.


I know I am a banger my mileage is quite high.

When I dress up and do my stuff I'm attractive to the eye.

But time has passed me by you know its overtaking me.

I know I'm rough but do my stuff within my ability.


The other day while on my way I hit a downhill run.

My memory brought back youthful thought of freedom and of fun.

I slipped into a neutral gear enjoying everything.

And then guess what though not a lot' I began to sing.


I don't go out at night you know my lights are a little dim.

I get confused my way I loose its better I stay in.

In fog I have no chance at all the rain is just as bad.

When I look out and glance about the others they look sad.


I have a little problem' my engines running fast.

I never stray away from home I like to stay quite near.

I know that I am not as strong my condition I have grasped.

I know its name it will remain its Tacky-car-dear

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